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Lessons in Photography: Courtesy of Man's Best Friend
– by Chad Larsen and Andrea Halwas

Duke Head Shaking – Chad Larsen

Chad and Andrea's four-legged friend, Duke – by Chad Larsen

Photo Lessons – Chad Larsen and Andrea Halwas

We always enjoy taking our dog hiking with us. Being
photographers, this may sound like a counterproductive activity, especially when we’re going out specifically with the intent of capturing nature or wildlife images. However, due to our close connection with this carnivorous and perpetually happy mammal, we seem to have grown to think like him, which ironically seems to have benefitted our photography. In fact, over the years it often felt that he was teaching us in his own haphazard way. These lessons are what we’re going to share with you here.

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Chad Larsen and Andrea Halwas - Nature Photographer

About Chad and Andrea

Chad Larsen and Andrea Halwas are photographers based in Calgary, Alberta. They founded Thirteenth Avenue Photography in 2009 to showcase their wildlife and landscape photos, as well as offer portraiture photography services. Both coming from extensive backgrounds in the arts, their goal is to share images that tell a story. Their love for hiking and the outdoors led to their passion for photography, and they spend their weekends exploring the mountains with their dog Duke. When not dedicating their time to photography, both Chad and Andrea work in Calgary; Chad is the Creative Manager for Franworks Group of Companies, and Andrea is a drama therapy facilitator and writer.

Blog: greenthirteen.caFacebook.com/ThirteenthAvenuePhotography
Twitter.com/Thir13enthAvewww.thirteenthavenue.caahalwas@thirteenthavenue.ca – (403) 670-0065

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Every Picture Tells a Story: The Phantom of the North
– by Roy Wuitschik

Phantom of the North – Roy Wuitschik

Some grim evidence of a deadly swoop by the Phantom of the North – by Roy Wuitschik

Phantom of the North – Roy WuitschikOur doorbell rang in the early hours of a cold February morning. As I opened the front door, I was greeted by our neighbour. “Get your camera, there is something you should see!” I wondered what it could be. The usual animal suspects came to mind: a bull moose, a whitetail buck, perhaps the elusive coyote. But these animals were frequent visitors to our area, and the urgency in my neighbor’s voice made it clear that this was something much more out of the ordinary.

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About Roy

Roy Wuitschik – Nature PhotographerRoy Wuitschik is a photographer living in West Bragg Creek who captures images from the tiniest of subjects to the widest of panoramas. He enjoys travelling and capturing fascinating and unique photographs to share with his family, friends and community. As one viewer of his work relates, “I feel like I have been around the world.”

Recently, Roy gave a presentation on Tanzania to a photography club in Calgary and the Wildrose Club in Bragg Creek. He is also scheduled to present at the Sheep River Library on March 27, 2014. (Please contact Roy directly or the Sheep River Library for more details.)

Roy showcases his work in a variety of media including acrylic, metal, framed prints, and canvas in framed or gallery format.

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Our Featured Photographers

We are very grateful to our Featured Photographers who have contributed both their photography and articles to Bragg Logo throughout the years. You can view more of their photography on their respective websites:

Chad Larsenwww.thirteenthavenue.ca
Andrea Halwaswww.thirteenthavenue.ca
Robert Berdanwww.canadiannaturephotographer.com
Roy Wuitschikwww.bluemoosephoto.ca
Peter Goldwww.goldphotography.com
Bob Cookwww.brandedvisuals.com
Chris Martinwww.christophermartinphotography.com
Peter A. Dettling www.TerraMagica.ca
Gilles Korentwww.wildlife-expressions.com
Philippe Widling – www.pwidling-photography.com
Darwin Wiggett
Sam Chrysanthouwww.oopoomoo.com
Rob McKaywww.robmckayphotography.com
John Marriottwww.canwildphototours.com

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