Bragg – About the Creek magazine is no longer being published.


For your viewing pleasure this site will remain active for the foreseeable future. Please take time to enjoy the outstanding photography and interesting articles from our past issues. To all who have contributed to the magazine over the years, thank you.



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Baby Great Horned OwlsBushy Tailed WoodratMule Deer in SnowElbow Falls in IceDowny WoodpeckerBlack-billed MagpieK-Country SunriseEager Beaver - McLean Creek PondTiny MushroomsBackcountry Trail-ridingWild Rose Evening

Congratulations to the Winter 2014 issue’s competition winners, in order:
Glenn Angel
, Bill Demchuk and Chris Greenwood.

Prizes were awarded in the form of cash and a gift voucher to Branded Visuals Inc.

Thank you for the support throughout the years of our partners in the photography competition, Rocky View County, and Branded Visuals Inc.

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